Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump Review

Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump Review

Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump

Our Rating: 8.5/10

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A new electric breast pump has recently been released by Spectra with the intention of helping mothers who have challenges on giving their babies their beneficial breast milk.

The Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump has quickly become one of the best-selling nursing products available.

Key features

Checkout the list of key features for the Spectra 3:

  • Complete accessories for every all around purposes
  • Backflow filter to prevent milk spillage or mold formation in the inner pump.
  • Quit machine or motor.
  • Knob regular for suction strength control.
  • Double breast shield kit for more productive pumping.
  • BPA safe materials.
  • Comes with one year warranty.

The Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump is manufactured by an established industry leader. The unit features a noise control feature that won’t disturb your precious one. It has adjustment features that moms can choose for their comfort. The pump will work naturally, mimicking the sucking baby. The result is regular flow of milk that makes lactation perfect and stress free.

It can be used as dual-pump if you need more milk in one sitting. Spectra 3 is carefully designed with the thought of giving the breast feeding mothers ease and comfort. It will fit with any feeding bottle because its tip is universal. It has a tested durable tip that won’t give up no matter how many times you will use it every single day. It’s very easy to alter the pumping strength to suit a user.Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump To care for the safety of the infants, all the materials used in the product are certified to be BPA free. You can even transfer extra milk to the feeding bottles for the next feeding. It’s so affordable and easy to carry. It’s perfect for working mothers.


  • It’s affordable and easy to purchase or order. Milk production is guaranteed with its natural suction strokes.
  • It’s spill free and convenient to use.
  • The suction is great as you can adjust how weak or strong you need it to suit you.
  • Easy to set up, easy to clean


Some Spectra 3 users have commented that the only downside is that you can’t sterlise some of the parts in a microwave steamer.

Customer reviews

Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump is praised for its genius design and functionality. A lot of mothers who tried are recommending the Spectra 3 over other brands. It’s energy-saving because of its small motor. Batteries can also be used if you’re traveling.

“I bought this item after finding the Tommee Tippee manual pump hard going. After the manual I was loaned a Medula pump for a month. Finding this brand unaffordable to purchase I opted for the Specra as the reviews were very complimentary and price so reasonable. I have now been using this pump several times daily for 2month with great results. My little girl has all the expressed milk she needs and the dual pumping is time effective.”

Gillian MacDonald, Amazon Customer Review

“I bought this after struggling with a hand held and a cheaper version sold by Boots. This was wonderful- quiet operation,painless (can adjust it so starts slow and increase) it has a nice rhythmical action is extremely efficient and just more natural feeling which is important I think as no one wants to feel like a dairy animal.”

J Dandy, Amazon Customer Review

“I had borrowed a medela mini electric pump from a friend and needed to get my own pump. This pump is great value for what it is. It is much quieter than the medela, cheaper and can be converted to a double for only a small amount of extra money. The only disadvantage of it compared to the mini electric is that it is less portable – it’s heavier and cannot run on batterys. I would recommend it.”

Elaine White, Amazon Customer Review

The Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump has been reviewed by 214 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Read more VERIFIED customer reviews on Amazon.


The Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump is considered an affordable branded product with positive reviews. The intensity of suction can be increased and decreased easily using the dial on the pump, allowing you to pump milk in comfort.

The Spectra is operates quietly so will ensure a baby is not woken during operation. And its compact size makes for easy storage.. See the Spectra 3 Breast Pump on Amazon.


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