Philips AVENT SCF312/01 Breast Pump Review

Philips AVENT SCF312/01 Breast Pump ReviewPhilips AVENT SCF31201 Electric Breast Pump

You can never go wrong with giving your baby your natural milk and Philips AVENT SCF312/01 Electric Breast Pump will help you accomplish that obligation. Breastfeeding is not an option for a mother. It’s a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled.


AVENT has been helping mothers and baby for years with its world class quality and performance. One of the products that the company can brag is Philips AVENT SCF312/01 comes with a lot of features with the sole purpose of helping mothers out there take care of their little angels.

Milk production can be accomplished if the mother is comfortable, which is what the massage cushion of this pump is offering. It’s proven that milk production will lessen when the mother is pressured or stressed. This has been addressed with the comfortable and versatile pumping features of the Philips AVENT SCF312/01.

You won’t have issues remembering the cycle that works best for you. AVENT incorporated a unique auto-remember feature. It can recognize the suctioning motion that you use often, and will save that in the setting. You will have the same performance each time you turn it on for usage.

There will be no pressure from your own. Milk production is not based on the pressure of suctioning. A breast pump should deceive the human body to think that a real baby is feeding on her mother, so the company has made sure that this one has a real breastfeeding motions and pressure.

Key Features

  • Portable and is electricity operated.
  • Auto-remember feature that will save your favorite rhythm, for more productive milking.
  • A unique soft five-petal message cushion is designed for optimum comfort
  • It will work with battery for travel purposes.
  • BPA-free tested.
  • Once you have finished expressing you press and hold the blue button to switch the pump off.
  • As the battery comes to the end of its power there is a warning light
  • Works with other AVENT products for easy storage.

Philips AVENT SCF31201 Electric Breast Pump


  • What you will love about the Philips AVENT SCF312/01 is that it’s very affordable price, in exchange for its helpful features. It is designed to work with other AVENT bottles for comfort and savings since you don’t need to buy additional bottles.
  • It comes with easy to understand manual that is really helpful.
  • It is easy to use and expressing is neither painful of unpleasant.
  • Its silicon portion for massaging is soft and comfortable. It will cover your full mammary gland for effective milk production.
  • You can easily select how fast or slowly it pumps
  • There are only a few parts to dismantle and sterilise.


  • There are minor downsides with how the product is design. The petal silicon massager tends to trap milk. It is messy and needs a lot of cleaning sessions. The motor is loud so you need to find another place to pump if you’re baby is sleeping.

What Do Users Say

I have known a mother of two who has been always using AVENT products. Philips AVENT Breast Pump never disappoints her and has always lived up to her expectations. It makes her life as a mom easier and desirable.  She can take care of her baby longer than expected because this product has made a huge improvement with her milk production volume.

Philips AVENT SCF31201 Electric Breast Pump

“My baby girl is a month old today and I am breastfeeding her, which hasn’t always been easy. I have needed a breast pump due to suffering an infection and this is excellent. It has different settings so is not uncomfortable when pumping and I was able to easily express milk both when I was suffering from an infection and now, to enable my husband to feed the baby. It is easy to dismantle and ensemble and fits in most sterilizers. I am really pleased with this product and has made breastfeeding during those early difficult days much easier.”

 Bezerus Bezby, Amazon Customer

“This is a great pump, and though I’ve not tried any other brand, i haven’t had any problems with it. There is an element of perserverance required, and sleep deprivation in the early weeks did make me give up initially, but trying it again at six weeks, its been great and I get 4-8 oz within 15 minutes, which is really efficient, and means I can express and go out at a moments notice, and my partner can help with feeds too.

Only comment I have is that although the electric pump is fantastic, I don’t use it any more, the hand held pump is so easy and efficient and isn’t tiring on the hands as I thought it may be. Since this gives you both, I think it’s a brilliant buy at the amazon price.”

Alex, Amazon Customer

“This breast pump is brilliant – gentle but fast and effective. IN a difrct comparison with a hospital grade one, I’d choose this one for comfort of suction. One hint, just read the instructions and make sure you assemble it properly (easier said than done when you have your new baby home and want to use the item!). Like the title suggests, i really wish i’d bought the double pump!”

Mrs C Brindle, Amazon Customer

Philips AVENT SCF31201 Electric Breast Pump


The Philips AVENT SCF312/01 Breast Pump (click to checkout on Amazon) is one of the most adorable breast pumps that a mother can get in the market. This unit is easy to assemble even for a complete technophobe. You can also use this unit in the manual mode so its perfect to take on your travels especially if your not sure on the availability of electricity at your destination.


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