Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump Review

Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump ReviewSnow Bear Electric Breast Pump

The Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump will break the notion that the more complex the product is, the more reliable it will become.  This unit offers simplicity and features that will perfectly work for its intended purpose.

Aside from the purpose of caring for your baby, one of the company’s dedications is to keep the mother safe and healthy with the pump’s strokes and cycle that is made almost 100 percent similar to the feel of feeding a real baby. The feature is proven to produce good amount of milk.

Worrying about spills is not a concern for Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump. It has a secured feature that even tilting will still keep the milk inside the container part. The liquid will always be clean and safe for drinking or freezing if you want to use it at a later time.

You will never be in pain or in trouble because it has silica gel that comes in dual layers. They are really soft and realistic that you won’t feel the difference between it pumping and your baby feeding. Skin irritation is definitely not an issue if you will use this breastpump.

Key Features

  • Release cycle that works automatically.
  • Spill-proof container to keep the milk sterilized and secured.
  • Soft dual silica gel for comfort and safety.
  • It has no BPA so your baby will always be safe and healthy.
  • Easy to operate with, it can be used while on the go with four dry batteries.

Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump


  • This is a unit known for its affordable price.
  • It helps them with inducing milk production or in emptying their breast from too much milk.
  • It’s easy to use and it’s proven effective.


  • Some users have found that the tube part of the pump has broken easily.

What do User say

I have known a mother who has been into a caesarean operation. One of my friends recommended the Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump which gave her a reluctant feeling at the same time because it has a remarkably low price. She was so glad that she got it. It was because after two weeks of using, her milk flow has been regularized and stabilized. She is now feeding her little ones the natural way. According to her, she will surely recommend this product to all mothers out there who have challenges with breastfeeding.

“My daughter used a hand pump with her last baby but said she wanted an electric one this time as they are better. She says it is really good quality for the price. Excellent service and delivery times.”

 M. Norcross, Amazon Customer

“This was quieter than others I had tried and it certainly worked. It was quite comfortable and was easy to clean as there were only a few parts to it. The suction could be varied but I found the lowest setting was enough for me and there was a suction release button too for removing it quickly. price was great .”

Lof, Amazon Customer

In Summary

To sum everything up this unit is aimed at the lower budget end of the market. Lactating mothers should always look beautiful and stress-free. Challenges with lactation should not be a hindrance when there’s an effective breastpump like Snow Bear Breast Pump (click to view on Amazon).

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